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Natural Ways To Combat Erectile Dysfunction

If you’re currently experiencing sexual performance problems, you may be searching for natural ways to combat erectile dysfunction (E.D.). You may prefer this approach instead of using prescription drugs to treat this issue. This can be a good choice in certain cases, depending upon the cause and severity of your E.D. To help you learn more about using alternative remedies for your erectile dysfunction, let’s examine this topic in more detail below.

Common Causes

Determining the cause of your erectile dysfunction is essential, as this will help you treat it more effectively. In addition, if a dangerous health condition (like prostate cancer or diabetes) is the culprit, uncovering this information is important. This will allow you to address the underlying problem if one is present.

According to the Mayo Clinic, some of the causes of erectile dysfunction include diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, sleep disorders, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, high cholesterol or atherosclerosis. In some cases, erectile dysfunction can also be caused or exacerbated by emotions like anxiety, stress, or relationship issues.

Lifestyle Adjustments

You may be able to successfully treat or lessen the severity of your E.D. using lifestyle adjustments. For example, if you are obese, losing weight may resolve the issue completely. Tobacco cessation may be enough to cure your erectile dysfunction if its use is found to be the underlying cause. If you regularly consume too much alcohol, cutting back or stopping altogether may be sufficient to restore your ability to maintain an erection.

Web M.D. recommends that you start a program of regular exercise, as this lifestyle change can have a meaningful impact upon your ability to have or keep an erection. How so? Exercise can improve your cardiovascular health, which may boost blood flow to your penile area. It can also help you lose weight, may lower your blood pressure, and improve your sleep. Finally, exercise may reduce stress, which is one of the psychological risk factors for erectile dysfunction.

Natural Solutions

Taking supplements to treat your erectile dysfunction may be a good first choice before you turn to prescription drugs as these drugs can be expensive or have side effects which you may wish to avoid. Unfortunately, the FDA has issued a warning that many supposedly safe and natural supplement products for the treatment of erectile dysfunction actually contain potentially harmful substances or don’t list all of their ingredients.

That said, certain supplements (which you should buy from trusted sources) have at least some evidence to suggest them as treatments for erectile dysfunction. Chief among these is Panax or red ginseng, with one review of the available research finding that the evidence suggests it is an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. Other possibilities include L-arginine, DHEA, and Rhodiola rosea, which all have at least a little research to suggest using them to treat erectile dysfunction.

The American Urological Association does not recommend using herbal therapies for E.D. at this time, possibly due to the lack of consistent research into their use. However, as long as you discuss these natural ways to combat erectile dysfunction with your doctor before taking them, giving them a try may be a worthwhile endeavor.


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